iPhone 15 chest mount

Product details

Introducing the cutting-edge iPhone 15 Mount – a distinctive accessory in a market flooded with options. Unlike any other, this mount redefines the standards for smartphone cinematography.

Unlock the potential for cinematic excellence with the advanced capabilities of Apple Pro Res Log technology. Capture moments seamlessly by recording videos simultaneously to your SSD or microSD card, providing unparalleled flexibility.

Experience ultimate versatility as the mount securely attaches to your body or effortlessly rests in your hand with its ergonomic design. It’s the embodiment of your videography dreams – a tool meticulously crafted for those passionate about creating exceptional videos.

Elevate your filming experience with the iPhone 15 Mount, where innovation meets perfection.

Optimal Point of View (POV) 

Integrate a mounting system that ensures the best possible viewing angle for your iPhone.

Compatibility with Various SSDs

Modular design capable of accommodating a variety of SSD sizes and shapes.

Secure Closure

Implement a secure closure system to maintain the protection of the iPhone and SSD.

High-Quality Materials

Utilize durable and resilient materials to safeguard both the iPhone and SSD.


Designed for use in diverse settings, from outdoor activities to daily urban environments.

Portability and Comfort

Craft an ergonomic design that enables chest-carrying for enhanced comfort and discretion.